Rad Goat Parties in Tim Horton's, Police Harsh His Vibe

Employees called the cops after failing to remove the goat

A Saskatchewan Tim Horton’s became the site of a major bummer at 4 a.m. on Sunday, when a rad goat just tryna chill was forced to leave the premises by some police, none of whom had any chill.

Employees called the cops after failing to remove the goat — who probably just wanted some donuts because — repeatedly, reports Mashable. They Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported that employees would escort the goat out of the restaurant, and he would re-enter, because obviously his transaction was not completed.

(Interestingly, police were only summoned because apparently Saskatchewan Animal Control doesn’t deal with goats? Because goats aren’t animals? And Canadian Animal Control is … confused? Unclear.)

Unchill RCMP officers removed the goat and placed him in an official vehicle.

“He was very unhappy with this so the members decided to take him home instead of to holding cells at the detachment,” officers wrote in a Facebook post.

Returned to his owners, the rad goat continued to party unmolested, and the RCMP officers — as well as the Tim Horton’s employees — probably went back to their dull lives.

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