Helin Jung
October 18, 2012 03:25 PM

If it seems like the food truck trend has gotten a bit … mutty lately, blame Rachael Ray.

The talk show host introduced a mobile food truck to New York City on Thursday, and its intended clientele are of the four-legged variety: dogs.

Ray, a passionate animal advocate, used the “pup-up truck” as a vehicle to unveil a new line of wet dog food from her charitable pet food company, Nutrish. The first in line at Columbus Circle were local rescue pooches from Best Friends Animal Society. On the menu? Chicken muttballs, chicken paw pie, beef stroganwoof and tail waggin’ turkey.

“I cook doggie versions of all the human meals I make,” Ray told PEOPLE at the pup-up truck’s first stop. She first toyed with the ideas for the wet food line, called Nutrish Naturally Delish, in Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine.

Ray cheerfully served up samples from the menu to the hungry pooches, including two sweater-sporting Chihuahuas and an English springer spaniel (and trained service dog) named Cannelle.

Ray’s own dog, pit bull Isaboo, agreeably tested the various flavors, but her least favorite dish was the chicken mutt balls. (“It has pasta,” Ray explains. “She likes her pasta with butternut squash.”)

“She comes in to the office all the time, but she hasn’t been to the pup-up truck because she has all this at home,” Ray said. “She gets all this delivered. Also, she does not get up before 10.”

As Ray moved on to greet the adoptable dogs, Cannelle lingered by the truck’s window, craning her head to see if any more samples were coming her way.

Rachael Ray’s Pup-Up Truck will be in New York City’s Union Square on Friday, Oct. 19, and Saturday, Oct. 20.

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