Rachael Ray Launches New Pet Food Campaign (And She's Tried the Kibble Herself!)

Rachael Ray's pet food brand Nurtish has donated $14 million to animal shelters and organizations

Rachael Ray isn’t just pleasing the palates of humans, she’s extended her skills to serve pets as well.

The celebrity chef lunched her pet food line Nutrish in 2008 with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition. Since then, the brand has become the fastest-growing dog dry food and Nutrish continues to expand, launching 15 new items in 2016.

This success is good news for all animals, since Nutrish donates a part of proceeds to animal shelters and organizations across the country. So far Nutrish has donated $14 million!

Ray gave PEOPLE Pets an exclusive video sneak peek at some of the new tastes and products she’s adding to the line and told us what inspired her to make and taste Nutrish.

What inspired you to start Nutrish?

I was inspired to start Nutrish with the folks at Ainsworth Pet Nutrish because I have always cooked for both my dogs Boo, and now Isaboo, and I wanted to create a line of food for cats and dogs that took as much care as I do in feeding them something as delicious as it is good for them. My Isaboo, our red nose pit bull, is a family member and we care as much about her food and quality of life as any other of our human family members.

What from your culinary training did you bring to Nutrish foods?

The most important idea I bring to Nutrish is that food is love. It doesn’t matter if you are feeding your husband or kids or your furry friends; You want to feed them recipes with the best possible ingredients — real chicken, beef, veggies and seafood chock-full of high-quality protein. Every parent needs to consult their family veterinarian as to what their breed needs either from a store bought brand or from home cooking.

Are you ever tempted to try Nutrish?

I have tried both the kibble and the wet cat food, thank you very much. And if you don’t believe me, there is proof.


Courtesy Rachael Ray

What is something you want all pet owners to know about feeding their furry friends?

It is important to me that consumers are able to read all the ingredients on the label of Nutrish as if it were a human menu. I would never make a dish with ingredients I wouldn’t eat myself, so I won’t do that for our pets.

Do your pets have a guilty pleasure food?

We do not feel guilt when it comes to food in our family. Isaboo loves a little unsweetened whipped cream on her birthday and our family birthdays.

How does Nutrish pet food help animals and shelters in need?

By buying our Nutrish pet food you are helping to support animals in need and financially supporting the shelters that care for and feed them. Since the brand first launched we have been donating proceeds to help shelters in need. This idea was never more realized than in November 2012, after Hurricane Sandy, when we donated $500,000 to the ASPCA to open a temporary shelter in Brooklyn, NY, for displaced, hurt and lost animals.

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