The 2-year-old animal, named Bold and Bossy, got loose on her way to the starting gate at Ellis Park in Henderson County, Kentucky

Horse Escapes Kentucky Race
Credit: Cullen Stanley/Facebook

And she's off!

On Saturday, a racehorse escaped from Ellis Park racetrack in Henderson County, Kentucky, and took off down the highway for a 30-minute chase.

The 2-year-old animal, named Bold and Bossy, got loose on her way to the starting gate before her race, throwing off her jockey, Miguel Mena, in the process, according to the Associated Press. The planned event would have marked her first-ever race, NBC News reported.

After she broke free, Bold and Bossy ran off the track and onto Interstate 69 and Veterans Memorial Parkway. There, a group of trainers chased her around, alongside police and the sheriff's department, who also showed up.

In video from the scene taken by onlookers, Bold and Bossy is seen wearing a yellow No. 4 marker, a saddle, and blinders over her face. "Horse running at me full speed on I-69 today. No idea how it started or ended. Odd times we live in," driver Cullen Stanley wrote in a social media post from the roadway.

"Thank God for all the people who jumped in to go find her, because she left town," the horse's owner and trainer, Michael Ann Ewing, told the AP.

Ewing also noted that Bold and Bossy obtained minor leg injuries due to losing two shoes and suffered from dehydration cramps during her time on the run. Trainer Jack Hancock also told the AP that the blinders the animal had on her face likely made it harder to stop her.

"She couldn't see anything beside her, so that made it a little worse trying to catch her," he explained. "I've been here all my life and I've never seen one to do a run like this, not that far and not that much highway."

After about half an hour, Bold and Bossy began to slow down, which allowed Ellis Park horsemen and police officers to get her back and calm her down, per NBC News.

Bold and Bossy did not end up competing that day.