June 30, 2015 07:30 PM

Some moms fear an empty nest; other mothers patiently tick off the days until they can get a little alone time.

This raccoon matriarch appears to be of the latter sect. Now that her baby is getting bigger, she is eager to get him out of her mouth and on to the trees. Lugging a furry bandit around between your teeth all day is hard work – and doesn’t do the breath any favors – so it’s climbing time.

Baby raccoon isn’t so hot on this plan. Each time his mother tries to prop him up on a tree and give his rump a nudge, he goes limp with disinterest.

“But MOOOOOooooooommmm, can’t you just drag me around forever? My feet already hurt. What’s for dinner?” you can almost hear the young raccoon whining as he is hauled around the tree.

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Eventually, mom’s persistence wins, and the little cub takes his first independent step into adulthood.

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