February 20, 2017 11:26 AM

Mondays, right? Sometimes you’re the truck, and sometimes you’re the raccoon.

Whether you’re one of the downtrodden members of society or simply a smaller ground mammal that makes its way through the world picking through trash, life can be hard.

Just ask this unnamed (He looks like a “Clive” though, doesn’t he?) procyonid, who was snapped mean-mugging drivers from the back of a garbage truck in Arlington, Virginia. Seems he’d scaled what must have seemed to him like a mobile buffet, only to get trapped in the ladder on the truck’s rear.

Politico reporter Helena B. Evich made the initial sighting and contacted the company, which eventually worked together with the local Falls Church Police Department to release the little guy into Larry Graves Park.

“It was as gentle as it could be,” Susan Finarelli, a spokeswoman for the city of Falls Church, told the Washington Post. “We can confirm the raccoon is unharmed and was removed safely for all,” Anna Wilkinson, a spokeswoman for American Disposal Services, added.

It’s a hard world for little things, especially trashcoons.

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