The couple did most of the work on the elaborate Alice in Wonderland-themed garden themselves

By Kelli Bender
April 01, 2018 09:00 AM

Emma Hartshorne and Wayne Kenward are hopping mad for their rabbits.

The Stratford-Upon-Avon couple love their 30 bunnies so much, they spent thousands of dollars to give them a special surprise, reports Metro.

The funds went to transform the couple’s home garden into a magical, Alice in Wonderland-themed rabbit play land. Hartshorne and Kenward did most of the work themselves, adding a rabbit tree house (complete with bar), a bunny-shaped maze and other unique touches to their outdoor space.

Credit: Luke Johnston / Caters News

The pair cut costs, but not style, by using reclaimed materials and hiring workers willing to garden for free.

“We built the log cabin and hutches and everything like that ourselves. The only thing we didn’t build was the black prison fencing that keeps predators out,” Hartshorne told Metro.

Credit: Luke Johnston / Caters News

Hartshorne and Kenward’s hard work has paid off exactly as they hoped. Their 30 rabbits, many of whom are rescues, are markedly happier with their new outdoor digs.

“They are going absolutely crazy with it. The new run allows all of them to go out at the same time without bumping into each other and getting into fights,” Hartshorne said.

With room to roam,the bunnies are letting their lovable personalities shine. But just because this rabbit-filled family has a massive yard, doesn’t mean it’s a requirement of bunny ownership.

Credit: Luke Johnston / Caters News

“You don’t necessarily need a big garden to create something that the rabbits can be busy in, so we hope this will give people ideas and get their funny personality across,” the rabbit mom said.

With less rabbits, it’s possible to keep these pets in the home. “I don’t think you can beat a rabbit in the house because you see them a lot more about.”

With all this room to grow, Hartshorne and Kenward have already started using the space to give homes to more needy rabbits, rescuing several bunnies from neglectful situations and bringing them to their wonderland.