January 01, 2009 01:00 PM

* Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s grandkids named his German shepherd puppy “Champs.” – Huffington Post

* Birders have until Monday to look around for all species of birds for the 109th annual Christmas Bird Count. – Audubon

* A Montana sheriff confiscated about 300 animals, mainly English spaniels, from a breeder suspected of neglect. –Smartdogs

* The owner of cat who was missing and turned up inside her home responds to criticism. –L.A. Times blog

* Purina is offering cat and dog ringtones, which you can choose by breed in case you can’t distinguish the barks of goldens and Labs.

* Britain’s Prince Edward under scrutiny after dog-beating allegation. – Daily Express

* A Florida third grader campaigns for the return of a neighbor’s cat that was taken because it was kept outside and not on a leash.–UPI

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