Quick Hits: Wild Gerbils on the Pill; Praise for Rabbit-Hunting Ferrets

These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click:

* Chinese gerbils are going on birth control. A surge of wild gerbils is destroying what few plants survive in the Xinjiang region desert, so officials are using birth control pellets and installing perches for natural bird predators. – BBC

* Woman who shelters 20-30 ferrets at a time and tries to find them homes where they will be used for “rabbiting,” that is, hunting rabbits, wins top prize from England’s National Ferret Welfare Society. – Herald Express

* The CDC says pets are involved in 86,000 falls a year (to be fair, about a third of the time, the person tripped over the dog), about 1% of emergency room visits. – Washington Post

* As temperatures rise, so do the risks of dog-bite injuries to kids, who tend to get bit in the neck and face. – Reuters

* Rabies: it’s not just for dogs anymore. Rabies in cats on the rise. What are the symptoms? – Catster

* Gordo, a famous skate-boarding parrot, was kidnapped from the California home he’s lived for 10 years. – LA Times, LA Unleashed

* Pet Health: Household Pet Safety Myths Debunked – Petside.com

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