Quick Hits: Why Is Pet Cloning So Expensive?; Plus: Furminator's Fancy New Brushes!

These stories are worth a click:

These stories are worth a click:

* Antarctica has piles of penguin poo so big they can be seen from satellites, which point researchers to where the colonies live.–Cryptozoology

* Got a spare $32,000? That’s the price of cloning your cat.–Petside

* Wayne Pacelle, who has led the HSUS for five years today, is proud of all the dog-fighting busts the agency has made. He aimed to turn the group into a “hard-hitting yet mainstream force for animal protection.”

* Super Glue to the rescue! Why the sticky stuff isn’t such a crazy way to patch a wound on you or your dog.–Terrierman

* Furminator–a godsend to all pet owners–now has two new brushes, one with a double blade, one with a quick release.–Catster

* Rescued black Lab finds a home, then saves another black Lab lost in the woods.–ZooToo

* Despite California’s budget mess, the state has passed a slew of animal-welfare legislation lately.–AP

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