Quick Hits: Who's Clipping Horses' Tails? Plus: NYC's Wild Parrots

These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click.

* Someone is sneaking into barns in Colorado and cutting off the long hair on horses’ tails, leaving owners angry and mystified. – LATimes, LAUnleashed

* New York City introduces a bill to protect its thriving colonies of monk parrots. – BrooklynParrot

* One in 10 dogs has allergies, mostly to fleas. – CNN

* Ed Boks, legendary campaigner for making shelters no kill, is asked to quit his post in Los Angeles. – Pet Connection

* A Florida man scrimped on one meal a day after he was laid off so he and his wife could feed their 30 animals (mostly small) that help the woman recover from epileptic seizures. – ZooToo

* The Scottish SPCA makes a massive appeal to find the person who tied a dog to a barbed wire fence and left him to starve to death. – BBC

* A man in Stuyvesant Town in New York City is charged with beating and breaking most of the ribs on his girlfriends’ shiba inu, who was one-tenth his size. – New York Daily News

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