Quick Hits: White House Raccoon Caught; Horse Plan Questioned

These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click:

* The White House caught one of the raccoons on its grounds–despite animal experts’ objections to the plan– and relocated the animal. – Washington Post

* BLM says Pickens plan won’t fit with original wild horse protection law that says they have to be kept on land they were on in 1971. – AP

* Biologist finally collars a moose in Connecticut, one of about 100 in the state as their range expands south. – Newsday

* A Maryland fireman regained the ability to talk after an accident thanks to his parrots. Now he runs a foundation for homeless pet parrots. – BBC

* Is the Australian night parrot extinct? A writer is given a $8,500 prize to spend six weeks looking for the critically endangered bird and find out. – Metro UK

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