These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

* Great white sharks don’t wander the water aimlessly searching for their next meal; a new study shows that they use a premeditated hunting strategy much like serial killers.–BBC

* When a dog statue in a West Lafayette, Ind., art display became damaged because of vandalism, vets from the Purdue Small Animal Hospital stepped in to repair it.–

* Residents in New York City’s East Village neighborhood are mourning Pretty Boy, a confident white cat, said to be 22 years old, who was a local fixture for more than a decade. –New York Times

* Mr. Clucky, the pet rooster and local celebrity who may get evicted from his Miami Beach, Fla., home where he lives with his owner Mark Buckley, has received a court date of July 30.–

* Tips for households with multiple felines. –