These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click:

* Does your dog chase his tail? Better check his cholesterol. Researchers link compulsive tail-chasing to the condition, which is also linked to obsessive compulsive disorder in people. – Discovery

* Dogs with cancer are given experimental, sometimes life-saving drugs. Because dogs are closer to humans than mice, they help find cancer drugs. – US News & World Report

* Oregon considers banning exotic pets like crocs, chimps, monkeys and non-domestic canines and felines. – Oregon Live

* Real-life Babe: in Herefordshire a pig named Sue learns dog-like agility, with rewards of apples and cookies. – BBC

* Canadian seal hunt begins. After an outcry over skinning seals alive, Canada has rules on exactly how they may be killed–skull-crushing and bleeding. – Discovery

* Humane Society seal observer describes flying into blood-covered ice and scaring off Canadian seal hunters, who leave behind two live pups rather than risk more grotesque footage. – Humane Society

* Guard dogs–especially for women–are a booming business in the recession. – ZooToo

* Learn the seven most common Easter dangers and how to make sure the holiday is safe for your furry family members. –