May 14, 2009 03:02 PM

These stories are worth a click:

* Who is the world’s oldest cat now? The Guinness World Records isn’t sure. The all-time record holder was 37 and current contenders in England are 24 and 25. – Catster

* Jackie Chan visited the site of last year’s earthquake in Chengdu, China, and donated around $150,000 to a panda research facility. The action star also “adopted” two pandas, saying he can’t look at the animals without forgetting all his worries. –

* Moscow dog catchers are trying to clear the city of strays for the Eurovision Song Contest – their version of American Idol. Protesters say they are poisoning and beating the dogs to death. – Daily Mail

* Wallabies are being used as grass-cutters in Kent, England – they’re even cuter than goats. – Bo Knows

* The Bureau of Land Management now wants to find retirement ranches for wild horses taken off their range. That’s better than their old plan of slaughtering them, but horse experts say the BLM’s mismanagement is what’s led to the overpopulation. – Salt Lake Tribune

* Superhero Hellboy may look demonic, but he’s actually a cat lover. –

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