April 16, 2009 04:11 PM

These stories are worth a read:

* Radio giant and cat-lover Rush Limbaugh is doing radio ads for the Humane Society, talking about humane law enforcement and the moral obligation to take care of animals. – Wayne Pacelle

* Two clouded leopard cubs were rescued in an Indian village. No one knows what happened to their mom; she was likely poached. Only 10,000 of these cats live in the wild. – International Fund for Animal Welfare

* Electro-pop band the Pet Shop Boys rejected PETA’s request to change their name to show how much they hate pet shops. – AP

* Millions of birds could be saved by switching the lights on tower antennas from solid to blinking, a new study shows. The change cut bird death by 70%. Now the FAA has to sign on.–Discovery

* California considers bill to make pet adoptions tax deductable. – LATimes LAUnleashed

* Guide miniature horses are the answer for blind Muslims who shun dogs. – ZooToo

* Environmental group WildEarth Guardians is suing saying the Obama administration for not clearing a backlog of endangered species they say need protection. – AP

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