Quick Hits: Party at Ferretstock! Plus, More on the Vick-Humane Society Partnership

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

* Just outside Baltimore, Rocky’s Ferret Rescue and Shelter is planning its annual “Ferretstock” on May 30 to raise money and hopefully find homes for the 30 ferrets up for adoption.–Explore Baltimore

* Pet owners are wising up to expensive, useless gadgets, but sensors and microchips make a few new products worthwhile.–New York Times

* Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle explains why he agreed to work with Michael Vick on a new dog-fighting campaign.–Wayne Pacelle

* The NRA is the main obstacle to a federal bill that would protect bears from poachers who want their parts for Chinese medicine. Even hunters think they’ve gone too far.–Huffington Post

* New York City bird parents–hawks, catbirds, geese and more–are frantically busy this week bringing home food to their young ones. Being New York, housing is tight so the nests are on bridges, buildings and in Central Park.–Pale Male Irregulars

* A giant tortoise in England got fitted with a helmet to replace a piece of shell that he lost in a fight with another tortoise.–Cryptozoology

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