Quick Hits: Parrots Now a Top Pet, Plus: The Mutt and the Mountain Lion

These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click:

* Numbering 40 million, parrots are fast approaching the popularity of cats and dogs. And they can be just as demanding, warns Mira Tweti, author of a book on human-pet parrot conflicts. – CBSNews

* Though there are conflicting reports, William Morse says his Lab mix named Hoagie saved him from a mountain lion on Tuesday. But officials think the dog chased the lion–which gets it off the hook for euthanasia. – Huffington Post and LA Times

* Puppy mill reform bills are under debate around the country, but are being fought by powerful lobbies that opposes the Humane Society on a variety of other issues, including the AKC, the NRA and the farm bureau. – Wayne Pacelle

* Abandoned fishing nets make up 10 percent of sea litter and continue to “Ghost-fish” for years, a U.N. report says. – AFP

* A family spaniel, Alfie, stole and ate a toy dog from the dollhouse in his family. A vet found the toy on an X-ray and did surgery to remove it. – MetroUK

* Doris Day is teaming up with the Humane Society to create a model horse rescue and adoption center at the Cleveland Armory Black Beauty Ranch. – Ecorazzi

* The Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project works with the UC Davis vet school to protect the health of the remaining 740 mountain gorillas. – About.com

* Which bones are safe for dogs? – Petside.com

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