Quick Hits: Obama Breed Not Set Yet; Kardashian Apologizes for Chimp Joke

These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click:

* Press Secretary for the Obamas says they haven’t settled on a breed for the first dog yet; Michelle is only one vote of four. – LATimes

* Kim Kardashian apologizes for blogging about adopting a chimp just after the Connecticut chimp attack. – LA Times

* Florida becomes fifth state to ban pedicure by fish, where a special tiny fish imported from Turkey gently feeds off the client’s dead skin – ZooToo

* British police round up a herd of 40 horses that had been causing traffic problems after being abandoned and left to roam. – BBC

* The first wolf has been spotted in Colorado in five years. She’s young and travelled 1,000 miles over five states from Yellowstone, likely looking for a mate. – The Denver Channel

* Washington State frat busted with pet alligator they ordered online. – ZooToo

* California won’t start charging a tax on vet services after all. – Dogster

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