January 20, 2009 08:21 PM

These stories are worth a click:

* A New Jersey man was arrested for posing as a female veterinarian with a non-profit for two years.–MSNBC

* Firefighters rescue a gentle horse who had fallen on ice in a field, and report the other horses seemed to cheer when she returned to the barn. –Eagle Tribune

* Bob Barker, who used to end The Price Is Right urging spay/neuter, gave $1 million to the University of Virginia to start an animal law program. –ZooToo

* Midwestern dairy farmers are worried about their cows in this extreme cold snap. –WISCTV.com

* Utah airlifted 31 bison across the state in hopes they will form a new herd of up to 450. –ZooToo

* A 12-year-old boy’s cat was shot five times and killed; the cat-killer remains at large. –Portsmouth News

* An Alaska hunter resuscitated a dog that had stopped breathing after being caught in a trapper’s snare. –Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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