These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

* The Humane Society is going to work with Michael Vick on an education program to turn urban teens against dog-fighting. The news comes weeks after PETA denied it would work with the former football star convicted of running a horrific dog-fighting ring.–AP

* Feral cats have been put to work patrolling Los Angeles’ flower market for rats. The Voice for the Animals Foundation came up with the neat plan to move the feral cats to rat-infested areas instead of shelters. Flower workers were plagued by rats but didn’t want to use rat poisons.–

* Koko, a 33-year-old parrot famous in Germany for swearing, has been kidnapped.–Daily Telegraph

* Close call: A litter of kittens was snatched from the jaws of death at a recycling center in Bath, England. Workers heard the kittens mew and found them tied in a plastic bag.–Catster

* A $200,000 Seattle house fire was sparked by a glass dog bowl that acted like as a magnifying glass, concentrating the sun’s energy.–World News

* Residents are facing off over a dog run in suburban Boston. 150 people argued whether Newton needs one.–Boston Globe