Quick Hits: Many North Dakota Pets Left Behind; Rise in Coyote Sightings

These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click:

* North Dakotans forced to stay in hotels or emergency shelters during the floods, tearfully dropped off 200-some dogs and cats at the makeshift Red River Valley Fairgrounds Animal Shelter because they can’t take their pets with them. – AP

* 60 Minutes showed how African farmers are using Furidan, an herbicide they can buy for $2 a bottle, to kill lions. Maker FMC Corp. claims they’ve stopped shipping to Kenya and calls reports of widespread use “hearsay.” – 60 Minutes andTimes Leader

* Nightline exposes how the Amish treat dogs like livestock in Pennsylvania puppy mills. They’re stacking in rabbit hutches so small they can’t walk when they get out and can be legally shot. – Nightline

* Forget chimps, the animal most like us is dogs, researchers say. They’ve evolved and adapted with us. – Discovery

* Coyote sightings and attacks on the rise, but experts blame humans for most of the trouble since most coyotes try hard to avoid people. – AP

* Family whose dog Karley was beaten to death by neighbor hopes to change California law so pets aren’t treated just as property. – ZooToo

* Ticked off with dangerous flea (and tick) control products? – Petside.com

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