Quick Hits: Humane Society's Research Lab Investigation; Freedom Dogs

These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click:

* The Humane Society uncovered horrific conditions in a primate research lab, where fearful animals are warehoused for years–at taxpayer expense. – Wayne Pacelle

* Freedom Dogs help Marines returning from war recover from post-traumatic stress. – ZooToo

* Big cat vet says the anesthesia in the dart used to sedate the rare Arizona jaguar could have sped up his death. – Vetblog

* Swedish Kennel Club issues warning to look out for health problems in 54 breeds, naming seven as urgent: bulldog, Neapolitan mastiff, shar-pei, chow, basset hound, French bulldog and Pekingese –Terrierman

* The fight over breeding standards kicked up by the BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed continues to rage in England. – LATimes

* Madeleine Pickens testifies to the House about the dire situation of wild horses. – Madeleine Pickens

* A Marin County water plant employee poured anti-freeze into bowls left out to feed feral cats. – Catster

* Earless Earnie continues to recover in his new home, kissing his new owner, watching outside birds, greeting visitors and enjoying gifts people sent him. – Catster

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