These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click:

* House passes bill to ban trafficking in primate pets across state lines. Now the bill heads to the Senate, where it’s been stalled before. – Hartford Courant

* The Morris Animal Foundation pledged says respiratory infections are the top illness in shelter cats. Common minor illnesses often lead to euthanasia in shelters, so Morris pledged $500,000 to research. – Morris Animal Foundation See the Morris Foundation’s journal on PEOPLE Pets here.

* Jaguars disappeared from the US in the 1940s, but for a decade scientists have been seeing signs. Now Arizona wildlife officials caught and radio-collared one near Tuscon. – Ark Animals

* Ellen Degeneres is to be the voice star of an animated film “Dog Show,” in which mutts upset the Westminster world. – Reuters

* Madeleine Pickens pulls a $5 million donation from Ohio State after learning they practice surgery on dogs bought from low-standard sellers. – Madeleine Pickens