Quick Hits: Help for Hoggie; Plus: Watch Out for the Walleroo!

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

* William Morse, the unemployed man whose Lab mix Hoggie was injured by a mountain lion earlier this week, says a rep of the First Lady and other animal groups have offered to help he and his wife pay for the care of the dog. Hoggie received 100 stitches after the attack and is getting antibiotics wrapped in bologna. – OCRegister

* A Louisiana woman is suing Wal-Mart for breaking her own foot when she backed her shopping cart over it after encountering Norman, a large rodent, in the store. – LA Times LA Unleashed

* A petting zoo’s walleroo–a cross between a kangaroo and wallaby, its smaller cousin–is on the loose in upstate New York and has been spotted by the Thruway. – Oneida Dispatch

* Loudoun County pit bull lovers are having their day in court, protesting the policy to euthanize all pits, regardless of their temperament. – Washington Post

* The pika–which looks like a cross between a rabbit and a mouse–may get protection as an endangered species because it can’t cope with the higher temperatures expected from global warming. – AP

* Animal and environmental groups plan to sue to get the gray wolf back on the endangered species list. Wyoming–the only state excluded from the recent delisting because of its weak policies–will sue to get the wolf off its local list. – Christian Science Monitor

* What is the risk of cancer when your cat gets a vaccine? – Petside.com

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