These stories are worth a click:

These stories are worth a click:

* The Italian humane group ENPA opened shelters for pets near the earthquake-hit L’Aquila, Italy. Food also arrived to help the surviving animals, many of whom have lost their owners, either temporarily or permanently.–Catster

* Dogs and cats become the latest victims of global warming as they catch more exotic diseases spread by ticks and fleas.–New Scientist

* A humpback whale visited New York City Thursday, enjoying views of the Verrazano Bridge. It got a Coast Guard escort before disappearing, likely heading back back to sea.–New York Times

* The Nebraska man who put a kitten in a homemade bong pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty.–LATimes LA Unleashed

* New England states are considering banning canned hunt preserves, where “sportsmen” pay big money to shoot captive boars, buffalo and deer. But 11 still operate in New England and about 1,000 nationwide.–Boston Globe

* Plastic bags found in one-third of critically endangered leatherback turtles, who eat them mistaking the bags for jellyfish.–Discovery

* Red-tailed hawks have built a nest on the Unisphere, a large globe-shaped sculpture in New York City. They used to have a nest near Somalia on the globe but have moved to the coast of Calfornia.–UrbanHawks

* Cats who flush toilets and more crazy addictive behaviors.–