Quick Hits: First Pup Won't Debut This Week. Plus: Is Your Dog Keeping Passover?

These stories are worth a click:

These stories are worth a click:

* Michelle Obama’s press secretary says the puppy isn’t debuting “this week,” but other sources say the dog is already chosen and in training.–LATimes LAUnleashed

* Are your dog and cat avoiding leavened bread and grains this Passover? Jews are turning to rabbinically certified Evanger’s brand–in an effort to rid their house of all non-kosher foods or just to have fun with their pets.–New York Times

* Four men shot and killed Dasy, a therapy dog. Marcus Luttrell, a Navy SEAL, got Dasy to help him recover from the trauma of being captured and tortured by Al Qaeda. You can sign the petition to see them punished.–Dogster

* Fire crews rescue two Jack Russell terriers that got lost underground. – BBC

* Nevada’s governor’s lawyer compares his estranged wife to an “enraged ferret” – causing ferret lovers to wonder how their curious animal got such a bad rap. – Las Vegas Sun

* Judges this week face some bizarre custody battles: a Michigan couple battles over frozen mastiff sperm and a Florida judge returns a runaway parrot to its original owner. – Detroit Free Press and BBC

* Falcons rescued from smugglers are released to freedom. – IFAW

* Gray wolves to lose federal endangered species protection next month. – LA Times

* Ever wonder why your cat knocks things on the floor? Get the answers behind kitty’s quirks. – Petside.com

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