Quick Hits: Fifth Iditarod Dog Dies; Fighter Inspired By Grim Dog Death

These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click:

* Iditarod kills fifth dog; necropsy says two died of fluid in lungs. – LA Times

* Wayne Pacelle encourages Humane Society members to help Madeleine Pickens prevent mass slaughter of wild horses. – Wayne Pacelle

* Former owner is charged with manslaughter after pack of feral dogs kills two and mauls two in Sicily, Italy. Calls for mandatory spay/neuter ensue. –ZooToo

* Pit bull activists want to debate PETA on their stand that pit bulls should be euthanized, not adopted out from shelters. – BadRap

* Fighter Manny Pacquiao says he ran away from home in the Philippines and went into boxing after his dad killed, fried and ate his dog in front of him. – USAToday

* Remember when the Bush administration said sea creatures loved oil rigs? Turns out they may have been right. A new study–albeit funded by a chemical company–shows harbor porpoises hang out at the rigs. – NewScientist

* Losing sleep? Why your pet may be the cause. – Petside.com

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