Quick Hits: Ferrets Anonymous; Germany's Wildlife Bridge

These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click:

* Los Angeles Ferret lovers have a secret Ferrets Anonymous group because California bans the pet. Afraid of confiscation, they call their ferrets by the code name “fuzzies” and estimate they number in the hundreds of thousands. – L.A. Weekly

* Environmentalists worry the Gray Wolf will be targeted by hunters and ranchers now that it has been removed from the federal endangered species list–except for Wyoming, where state protections are thought inadequate. – CBS News

* Germany has built a wildlife bridge over the Audobahn to accommodate the wolves and moose, which were hunted to extinction a century ago, but are returning from Polish populations. – Bloomberg

* Three cats and a dog died in a vet fire on Cape Cod. Firefighters rescued 12 dogs. – ZooToo

* How to care for your aging cat. – Petside.com

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