Quick Hits: Ferret Fight; Ape Protection

These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click:

* Family fights for the return of their ferret from someone who adopted it from a Long Island shelter days after it escaped from a pet sitter. – Newsday

* The Humane Society of the United States pushes for the Great Ape Protection Act after uncovering disturbing conditions at a government funded research lab. – Wayne Pacelle

* Hunting and fishing for the biggest of a species has shrunk wildlife sizes, but some fish returned to their after just 12 generations. – Wired

* Washington Humane Society, in the voice of its popular cat Mr. Pibbs, puts out a plea for donations of cat toys. – Washington Humane

* Specially heated bat boxes may help save bats suffering from the mysterious white-nose syndrome, which has wiped out half a million bats. Scientists hope to get mortality, now at 75-100% down to 8%. – Born Animal Discovery Channel

* Around the country cash-strapped horse owners are trying to give their horses to overwhelmed rescue groups. Many are neglecting or abandoning their animals. California offers low cost euthanasia. – New York Times

* Some bird species might benefit from global warming, but for each of these three species will face smaller ranges or populations. – Discovery News

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