Quick Hits: Dogs On Planes; Coats for Pigs

hese stories are worth a click:*

These stories are worth a click:

* Airlines now charging almost as much to fly a dog in cargo as they charge to fly a person in a seat. – Baltimore Sun

* Smitten by the pot-bellied pigs she saw at Best Friends, an Ohio woman sewed them personal coats. You must see the picture – Best Friends

* Dancing with the Stars’ Shawn Johnson talks about her Golden retriever Tucker.–Petside

* Hit by the recession, Madeleine Pickens can’t find donors for her wild horse sanctuary. She hopes the federal government will pay her to keep the (sterilized) horses on the open range what they’ve been paying ranchers to keep the horses in pens. – Washington Post

* Ohio’s Parrot Hope Sanctuary hopes animal lovers learn to adopt parrots that desperately need homes instead of buying ones that encourage breeding and smuggling. – Cleveland Plain Dealer

* Researchers are stunned to find 43 enormous North Atlantic Right Whales (of which there are only a few hundred) mating in the Bay of Fundy. Watch the video. –Bay of Fundy Blog

* Survivor of chimp attack lost hands, nose, lips and eyelids and may be blind and brain-damaged. The family has set up a fund http://www.nashtrust.com. – AP

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