These stories are worth a click

By People Staff
Updated June 19, 2009 02:41 PM

These stories are worth a click:

* A German shepherd named Daz Lightning broke the Guinness world record for the loudest bark ever with a woof of 108 decibels.–Cold Wet Nose

* A notorious rabbit hoarder–once caught with nearly 500 live and dead rabbits–has been caught with bunnies again. This time she was caught with 12 live and one dead rabbit in a hotel.–Huffington Post

* Malawi crowds cheer as IFAW resumes rescue of elephants to a sanctuary from an area where they had conflicts with farmers. A crowd of nearly 1,000 celebrated their departure.–IFAW

* Since the Chinese one child policy went over so well, the Chinese city of Guangzhou is starting a one dog policy starting July 1. Second dogs won’t be grandfathered in, so owners will have to choose.– AP

* Seeing the world from your dog’s perspective.–