These stories are worth a click


These stories are worth a click:

* Last year 50 percent more cats and dogs had severe reactions to the flea and tick medicines applied to their back. Out of 100 million doses sold in 2008, there were 44,000 severe reactions and 1,200 deaths.–ABC

* Florida wants to start putting a bounty on the feral pythons that are taking over the Everglades. They haven’t worked out the details yet, but are sure they can. “If we can send someone to the moon, we can figure out how to get rid of these snakes,” said Wildlife Commissioner Ron Bergeron.–TampaBay

* A New Zealand Mitsubishi dealership is offering a free goat with the purchase of a new Triton.–LA Times LA Unleashed

* Nearly half of dog owners report that their pups excel at “stuffed toy shredding.” That’s five times as many that prefer Frisbee. –Dogster

* New Jersey decides to hold off on that $587,000 dog park, citing the recession and dog owners calling the improvement unnecessary.–

* Blue whales heard singing for the first time in New York! Well, actually they were 70 miles off Long Island, but it’s still neat.–Discovery

* The hidden danger of pet doors? Forget raccoons crawling in, it’s little kids climbing out and drowning in pools or otherwise getting hurt.–