Quick Hits: Are Crows Getting Smaller? Plus: Coping with a Blind Pet

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

* Suburban crows are eating too much human junk food and garbage and ending up smaller. – New Scientist

* Ted Danson explains his support for the group he founded, Oceana, and the new documentary he narrates, The End of the Line, that some say is like An Inconvenient Truth for fish. –CNN

* Greenpeac puts pressure on Robert DeNiro’s Nobu sushi chain to stop serving critically endangered bluefin tuna. – LA Times Unleashed

* The British Kennel Club hopes the Irish Red and White Setter, a rare and dwindling breed, is poised for a comeback. Indie, a 3-year-old, is going to famed dog show Crufts. – The Kennel Club

* There’s new hope for getting rid of rabies in the developing world, where it kills 55,000 people a year. Researchers now calculate that they only need to vaccinate 70% of the dog population – not every single dog – to prevent an outbreak. – SmartDogs

* Washington state equine rescue group that pairs troubled teens with horses vows to continue after the death of its charismatic founder. –Seattle Times

* How to cope with an animal that has lost its sight. – Petside

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