Quick Hits: American's Love of Dogs Intensifies; Gorilla Gets An MRI

These stories are worth a click:

These stories are worth a click:

* Journalist Michael Schaffer’s new book, One Nation Under Dog, explores how the role of dogs in our lives has changed (think “fur babies”). – Time.com

* The Bronx Zoo enlisted the help of a mobile MRI clinic that provides free brain scans to low-income patients to see what was bothering Fubo, a 42-year-old gorilla. (Slideshow) – Scientific American

* Which would you rather have in your garden: snails or a dead dog? Careful, snail bait can kill dogs! – Dogster Vetblog

* Virginia passes law requiring “denatonium benzoate, the world’s bitterest known substance” to be added to antifreeze so animals and kids won’t drink it. – HSUS

* Conservationists say British Columbian coastal wolves deserve special protection because they’re almost like a separate species: They eat 75 percent seafood, dig for clams, hunt sea lions and have a reddish fur. – Canada.com

* Seven kits were born Monday to a captive black-footed ferret, one of the most endangered mammals in North America. These ferrets were once thought extinct, but after 24 years of captive breeding, 800 live in the wild. – Denver Post

* Can you show your cat who’s boss? – Petside.com

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