Quick Hits: A Team of Polo Horses Dies Mysteriously; Plus: First Dog Update

These stories are worth a click.

These stories are worth a click:

* Florida investigates the sudden deaths of at least 21 polo ponies, valued at $2 million, for poisoning. – Sun Sentinel

* Horse necropsy Q&A: how will vets figure out what killed the horses? – Sun Sentinel

* The Wild Horse Rescue Center in Florida is having a unique fundraiser: a $200 session on how to communicate telephathically with the wild horses. –Mims Wild Horse Rescue, Education and Rehabilitation Center

* The Supreme Court will hear a case on whether videos of dog fights should be protected by the First Amendment. – LA Times, LA Unleashed

* Press gets special show of Bo, who knows how to sit. – Christian Science Monitor

* Teaching your parrot to skateboard is a slow process that starts with getting them used to their tiny boards. – Best In Flock

* Watch out: warm weather means it’s roundworm and ringworm season. – Petside.com

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