These stories are worth a click:


These stories are worth a click:

* The Obamas may have already selected the First Puppy. Chicago’s WBBM radio station says it’s a male Portuguese water dog. – LATimes, LAUnleashed

* About 100,000 U.S. horses a year are trucked to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. Some want to ban that practice, but Montana and southern states want to open slaughterhouses. They claim people are abandoning horses to starve because they can’t slaughter them cheaply. – New York Times

* A Michigan bill hopes to stop their shelters’ current practice of selling unclaimed animals to research facilities. – Dogster

* The revamped Honda Element is the “Ritz-Carlton for the canine set,” with a built-in dog bed, dog fan and spill-proof water bowl. – USAToday

* Pet Rescue by Judy is raising a male, two-legged puppy named Hope. –

* Rescue groups worked out a plan to launch a $50 million advertising campaign to promote adopting dogs and cats from shelters at the annual Animal Care Expo. – Wayne Pacelle

* An experiment with irradiated cat food–which caused a temporary, species-specific nerve disorder–could lead to a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. – HealthDay