Quick Hits: A Cat in a Sat! Plus: Baby Chicks Smarter than You Think

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

* Long Island news crew is flagged down because passing motorists see a cat stuck in the satellite dish. After an extraction, CBS radio reporter Sophia Hall adopts him.–WCBSTV

* Baby chickens can do basic addition and subtraction. –Discovery

* Judge orders the Fish and Wildlife Service to reconsider protecting the jaguar, after the Bush administration had deemed the effort unworthy of U.S. jurisdiction.–AP

* A cow headed for slaughter escapes and is chased by police down a Kansas Main Street. But thanks to $1,000 and a vegetarian, this story has a happy ending. –Hutchinson News

* Rabbits, snakes (including a boa constrictor), parrots and other small pets are taking shelter from the North Dakota floods at the Red River Zoo.–WCCO

* The New England Aquarium has trained a lumpfish to jump – well, swim – through hoops. (video) –Zooilogix

* Fetching Love: How your pet can get you a date!–Petside.com

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