These stories are worth a click


These stories are worth a click:

* FDA approves first cancer drug engineered specifically for dogs. Until now, they used leftover human drugs. Palladia will treat mast cell skin tumors.–AP

* Is the creature seen in a new YouTube video “Champ,” the long-sought monster who dwells in Lake Champlain?–Cryptozoology

* Some Philadelphia shelters are in extreme quarantine because of suspected dog flu. Hacking cough, nasal discharge, runny nose and really runny eyes are the symptoms.–Dogster

* More animals could be euthanized because of the California budget crisis. California strays would only have to be held three days instead of six under new rules meant to help close the state’s budget gap.–LATimes

* Oregon legislature approved a bill that limits breeders to 50 intact dogs to curb puppy mills. –Oregonlive

* A glow-in-the-dark cat and other technological advances in the animal world.–