'Queer Eye' 's Jonathan Van Ness 'Hurting So Bad' After Cat Dies Following Fall From Window

The Queer Eye star adopted Bug the 2nd in September, one month after the death of his beloved cat Bug

Jonathan Van Ness cat
Photo: Jonathan Van Ness/Instagram

Jonathan Van Ness is mourning the loss of his furry friend.

The Queer Eye star announced the death of his cat Bug the 2nd on Instagram Wednesday, revealing the feline fell out of an open window as Van Ness slept.

“At some point last night while I slept by baby Bug fell from an open window and passed away,” he wrote. “I’m hurting so bad today I can’t put it into words, for anyone else experiencing grief & loss, I’m with you.”

Van Ness, 32, wrote he was sharing his grief to let the people in his life know why he would not be his “typical happy self” in the coming days.

“Not sure how I’m going to make this loss mean something more but in the meantime, please make a donation to an animal shelter near you,” he wrote.

In a tragic twist, Van Ness adopted the cat last September as a means of helping mend his broken heart after the death of his beloved 13-year-old cat Bug.

Both animals shared the same black fur and bright green eyes.

“Loving you is the best thing that ever happened to me. Rest In Peace my beautiful baby, the world will never look quite the same to me without you in it,” Van Ness wrote when Bug died in August 2018, along with a photo of himself hugging the cat.

The resident Queer Eye hairstylist adopted a second kitten, Liza, when he brought home Bug the 2nd from the KC Pet Project, writing that the pets had brought him happiness through his grief.

“Losing Bug has been one of the saddest experiences of my life,” he wrote on Instagram. “Getting two gorgeous kittens in that full grown cat shaped hole in my heart is helping my reparative process immensely. Have a gorgeous weekend & adopt some babiez if you’ve been thinking about it love, Liza & Bug the 2nd.”

To mark International Cat Day in October, Van Ness shared a video featuring his new additions playing with his other feline, Harry Larry.

“I will never ever stop missing my baby Bug but these two little ones have helped my heart heal & Harry Larry isn’t a lonely baby & is such a good big brother,” he captioned the clip.

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