Thanks to the Fab 5 and North Shore Animal League America, Lacey the shelter dog found a loving home in Long Island, New York

The Queer Eye “Make Betters” aren’t just for humans. In recognition of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, the Fab 5 went to New York City to work their makeover magic on a 3-year-old shelter dog named Lacey.

According to Antoni Porowski, 30-pound Lacey, who has “an infectious amount of sweetness,” was saved from a kill shelter in Tennessee and brought to New York City by North Shore Animal League America. Of course, Queer Eye‘s goal for this makeover was to find Lacey a forever home.

To help make this precious pooch even more attractive to potential pet parents, the Fab 5 taught Lacey how to make dog-friendly cookies that both humans and canines can enjoy, showed the shelter dog how to groom her gorgeous blonde coat, boosted her self-esteem and gave her plenty of chic accessories and goodies.

On top of all that 5-star treatment, the Queer Eye guys covered Lacey’s adoption fees too.

With Lacey’s sweet personality and a little extra help from Netflix’s Queer Eye, the shelter pooch quickly found a forever home after her day with the Fab 5.

Netflix confirmed to PEOPLE that Lacey was adopted out by North Shore Animal League America to a loving Long Island, New York, couple that was “struck by her sweetness.” Lacey is a perfect fit in their home.

Queer Eye and Netflix hopes that Lacey’s feel-good journey inspires animal lovers across the country to adopt their next pet, because when you rescue a pet, you are saving two lives: the life of the animal you adopted and life of the animal that takes their place in the shelter.