Adorable Puppy with 'Mustache' Already Has Long List of Families Waiting to Adopt Her

The puppy is named Salvador Dolly after the famously mustachioed Spanish painter, will soon be up for adoption in N.Y.C.

Dog with Stache
Photo: Courtesy Hearts & Bones Rescue

Salvador Dolly has 11 siblings, but she sure stands out from the crowd.

The 5-week-old off-white pup with a dark stripe of fur right above her mouth is named after the equally mustachioed Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, and recently came to Dallas-based Hearts & Bones Animal Rescue via Dallas Animal Services with her brothers, sisters and mom.

“Dallas Animal Services took in Mama and her 11 babies as strays and cared for them for two weeks, but puppies are at a very high risk for getting sick in the shelter environment,” Hearts & Bones’ Allison Seelig tells PEOPLE, “so we knew we had to get them out.”

Hearts & Bones — which also operates in New York City — found a single Dallas-area foster home for the whole crew, where they are resting comfortably as the grow and wean from Mom. When everyone is healthy and strong, they’ll head to New York City, where the list of families interested in adopting Internet-famous Salvador Dolly is already overwhelmingly long.

Dog with Stache
Courtesy Hearts & Bones Rescue

“We hope that her going viral encourages more people to adopt and foster,” Seelig says, adding that the rescue is seeking donations to help with the dogs’ general expenses and medical care. “It’s puppy season in Dallas right now and there are always multiple moms with litters at the shelter,” she explains.

Though Salvador Dolly has a lot of fans, her mom and siblings will need homes when they arrive in New York City later this month or early next, too.

“All of the puppies are very active and playful,” Seelig says. And while Salvador Dolly has her distinct look, “The puppies are all so unique and adorable!” she adds.

Those interested in adopting or donating can visit

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