The shelter believes owners are overlooking Tony because of his quirky foot

You think more puppy would be a good thing, but it’s giving Tony the Staffordshire bull terrier some problems.

The 8-week-old puppy is allegedly having trouble getting adopted from Dogs Trust in Kenilworth, England, because he has an extra toe, reports the Northamptonshire Telegraph.

Tony came in with a litter of unwanted puppies. All four of his siblings have quickly found forever homes, but Tony remains. Staff at the shelter believe prospective pet owners are overlooking the beautiful pooch because of his slight difference, even though Tony’s extra toe does not affect his health or gait in any way.

“Puppies like this gorgeous litter normally find homes immediately, just as Tony’s siblings have, so it’s really surprising that he is still with us,” Jane Hirons, Dogs Trust Kenilworth Supporter Relations Officer, said. “Sadly we find some people will overlook dogs with the slightest quirks so we hope a new owner will see beyond his quirky paws and offer him a happy home.”

Shelter workers say Tony is a sweet, mischievous puppy who is ready for an adoring family to entertain for years.