SPCA of Wake County
September 04, 2018 02:38 PM

No dog is an island, but this puppy was found on one.

Nash is finally getting some rest and affection after being left to die. According to the SPCA of Wake County, whose staff is currently caring for the pooch, a woman named Jess was hanging her laundry in her backyard in Zebulon, North Carolina, recently when she heard a faint whining sound. Concerned about what was making the noise, Jess followed the sound through her backyard and into the swampland surrounding her home.

After wading a few feet into the wet mud of the swamp, Jess spied a tiny puppy tied to a tree on small island of dry land. Jess was able to reach the puppy, now named Nash, and cut him free with her pocket knife. Once the rope was removed, she could see the irritating and deep wounds the dog’s tether had created as he pulled against the rope calling for help.

SPCA of Wake County

The Good Samaritan took Nash through the muck, which the dog could never traverse on his own, and brought him to her home, where she cleaned his wounds, many of which were covered in maggots.


After doing what she could, Jess put Nash in the hands of Care First Animal Hospital and the SPCA of Wake County. A veterinarian who examined the little canine for the shelter further treated the dog’s wounds and gave him antibiotics. While treating the dog, the vet discovered chemical burns on his ears. Shelter staffers also thinks Nash is deaf, but don’t know if this is a result of his injuries.

SPCA of Wake County

The pup is expected to make a full recovery. He is currently resting at a foster home, and will eventually be put up for adoption.

According to WTVD, it is unclear who abandoned the puppy. If you would like to help Nash and other animals like him, you can donate to SPCA of Wake County here.

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