Puppy Survives Being Thrown Off Bridge Thanks to Good Samaritan Who Jumped in Water to Save Her

The puppy, who is believed to be 10 weeks old, is currently looking for her forever home

Queso the puppy
Queso the puppy. Photo: Nassau County Animal Services

This dog's tale has a happy ending!

A puppy survived being thrown off a bridge, and into the fast-moving water below, near the Florida/Georgia border thanks to a Good Samaritan who jumped into the water to rescue her.

Nassau County Animal Services in Yulee, Florida, first learned about the young canine’s story last Thursday, after getting a call from a woman who said that she had just witnessed a puppy being thrown off a 20-foot bridge, reported First Coast News.

Fortunately, somebody else was watching out for the pooch as well.

"She spoke with a gentleman there that was fishing who turned out to be the Good Samaritan who went swimming and looking for the puppy," Nassau County Animal Services director Timothy Maguire told the outlet.

Officials also say that the puppy, believed to be a 10-week-old terrier mix, is very lucky to be alive.

"With the currents that go through underneath that bridge and how small the puppy is, I’m surprised that they made it," Maguire added.

Since being rescued, the puppy, who has been named Queso, has been spayed and is currently looking for her forever home — and officials are encouraging anybody interested to request an adoption form on their website.

Nassau County Animal Services is also encouraging the man who helped save Queso’s life to come forward. "We’d love to speak to him," Maguire said. "It was a great thing he did and we appreciate it. Sure the puppy does [too]."

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