Two men stole Khalik Corbett’s pit bull puppy, Boomer, while the boy was walking the dog

By Kelli Bender
September 14, 2015 07:01 PM

There are smiles in the Corbett household once again, now that Khalik Corbett and his pup Boomer have been reunited. 

On Aug. 14, the 10-year-old boy was walking the pit bull puppy in his Nashville, Tennessee, neighborhood, when two men in a car pulled alongside the boy, reports Barkpost. One of the men got out of the vehicle and started questioning Khalik about the dog. 

“Are you all breeding sometime? How old is he? Stuff like that,” Khalik told WKRN News.

All of the sudden, the man from the car took Boomer off his leash and drove off with the dog. Khalik was left behind to report the devastating news to his family. The Corbetts immediately started the search for the stolen puppy, contacting local news stations to spread the word. After a month of waiting for an answer and hearing nothing, Boomer’s family was starting to lose hope.

Then, on Saturday, something amazing happened. Khaliak’s mother, Angie, was taking out the garbage when she spotted Boomer tied to a telephone pole in the front yard. 

“I completely dropped the trash and flew over there and he was just wagging his little butt and just barking,” Angie said. “And I just started crying.”  

Khalik heard his mother’s tears of joys from inside the house, and raced outside to find the source. Seconds later, the boy was celebrating as well. The Corbetts are unsure who returned the dog or how, but the family is grateful that someone decided to do the right thing.