Puppy Found with Rubber Bands Tied Around Paws Back on His Feet Thanks to Love and Lasers

Little Foot has received daily laser therapy sessions and warm compress massages since arriving at Arizona Humane Society


Little Foot is making big strides.

Three weeks ago, the 8-week-old puppy was brought to the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) by a Good Samaritan who found the little dog alone with rubber bands wrapped around his ankles.

The animal lover got Little Foot help just in time; when the puppy arrived at AHS, he could barely walk. The circulation to his paws was cut off by the rubber bands, causing his paws to painfully swell.

Arizona Humane Society

The shelter immediately started treating the puppy. During his time at AHS, Little Foot underwent daily laser therapy sessions and warm compress massages. According to the shelter, these methods of treatment “activated the cells and tissues in his feet, and essentially helped to ‘jump start’ the cells needed to heal.” After several weeks of laser therapy and massage, the puppy is back on his feet and the wounds left behind by the bands are healing.


Since Little Foot is showing such great progress, he has been moved to the home of a AHS Foster Hero where he can enjoy the comfort of a family during his recovery. Once the puppy’s wounds are healed, AHS will begin to look into adopting out Little Foot. For now, the shelter is focused on getting the pup back to 100%.

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