Thankfully, 6-week-old pup Timmy was unharmed in the incident

By Kelli Bender
April 10, 2015 03:55 PM

On Tuesday, a puppy who shares the same name as Lassie’s accident-prone buddy Timmy found himself in a sticky situation.

The 6-week-old puppy fell 50 ft. down an old well casing in Fresno, California, reports the Associated Press.

Instead of being saved by the hero collie Lassie, Timmy the dog was rescued by the local fire department. Firefighters said the little canine slipped into an uncovered metal pipe in a garage near his home.

It took rescuers about an hour to pull Timmy above ground, using a rope they looped around the puppy’s torso. Timmy was a little rattled but unharmed by the incident.

Firefighters believe the dog was stuck in the casing for several hours before his family heard his barks for help. The pipe that caught Timmy has now been covered to prevent future accidents.