Find out if your dog is a Squeaker Seeker, De-Fluffer, Thinker or some other play style

By Kelli Bender
March 23, 2018 04:30 PM
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Puppies love to play, but, like humans, each little dog plays a little differently.

The dog toy gurus at BarkShop are constantly studying, tinkering, researching and snuggling for the sake of toy science. Through their tireless and adorable work, they have discovered there are several types of puppy “play styles.”

Different toys suit each of these different styles. To help us break it all down, BarkShop revealed the puppy play styles they have found and the perfect toy to match each of these kinds of fun-loving pups.

So get ready to rip out some squeakers and gnaw on some treats, because things are about to get seriously silly. Read on to find out what type of play your pup loves most and then get them the perfect National Puppy Day gift to go with it.

The Thinker

This is a dog that is naturally intelligent, think Border collies and German Shepherds, and wants a toy that will test these smarts. Puzzle toys are perfect for these canine, often from working or herding breeds, because they provide these furry nerds with the mental stimulation they crave.

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Chester’s Nuts Stuffed Peanut Dog Toy ($9.99) is perfectly paired with a “Thinker” dog. The removable peanuts in a crinkly plush shell provide pooches with a fun challenge. Other great choices are toys that have hidden treats, which provide your puppy with a delicious reward for using their noggin.

The Shredder

There are pooches out there that just wanted to watch all the little limbs be ripped off their toy: these are The Shredders. They love to rip, shred and tear any appendages a toy may have.

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This Super Cool Kevin Palm Tree Toy ($10.99) provides pups with different textures that are fun and safe for them to explore and destroy.

The De-Fluffer

Toys belonging to De-Fluffer dogs don’t usually last long, since these pooches relish ripping the fluffy stuffing out of any plaything they get their paws on.

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Toys like the Stop, Guac, & Mole ($9.99) keep the fun going after the stuffing comes out by hiding another, more durable, toy inside the original toy’s plush exterior.

The Squeak Seeker

This is a dog you can hear coming, Squeaker Seekers have one goal when it comes to toys: locate the squeaker and squeeze it forever.

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While some pets love squeakers, most owners tire of hearing the same, high-pitched sound. The Smell-O-Vision ($7.99) toy comes with a squeaker buried deep inside, so it is easier on human ears, and the toy is also filled with crinkly paper, which provides another exciting sound for your pup.

The Thrasher

Thrashers listen to their prey-drive instinct and pick up toys to give them a good, vigorous shake session.

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Owners can make shaking more fun for pups by getting toys, like Benji the Tiger Squeaker Dog Toy ($13.99), with long limbs that really react to a good thrashing.

The Tugger

This is the dog you want on your tug-o-war team. Once these canines have a hold on a toy, they don’t want to let it go no matter how much you pull.

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Since pulling is part of the fun, toys like the Fun Preserver Flotation Device Dog Toy ($9.99), are good fit because they easily let you grab on while also being made of materials that aren’t harmful to your pooch.

The Super Chewer

As the name suggest, these canines love to chomp away. They often don’t find the same fun in fluffy, squeaky toys and instead opt for harder options that can sustain a good gnawing.

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Rubber toys provide the durability Super Chewers crave. Chewy dog treats are also another option for pups who just want to put their teeth to work.