While photographing the aftermath from last week's raid on Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Fared Alhor stumbled across the puppy, who appeared to be in distress

Bobe the dog
Credit: Fared Alhor

This puppy got his happy ending after all.

While photographing the aftermath from last week’s raid on Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — which resulted in his death — Syrian photojournalist Fared Alhor stumbled across a puppy who appeared to be in distress.

“I turned around and, accidentally, I saw a puppy standing next to his mom,” Alhor, who posted photos on his Twitter account which showed the young pup standing near the body of its mother, who did not survive, told CNN. “He was howling and sounded sad.”

After playing with the puppy in an effort to help him feel better, Alhor enquired whether anybody was already taking care of the canine, and when he found out that nobody was, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Although he had no supplies to take care of the puppy, Alhor decided to rescue him — and as he didn’t have a car, that meant he had to travel with the canine, whom he named Bobe (pronounced like the name Bobby), for 20 miles in the rain on a motorcycle.

Initially, the photojournalist took the dog to a friend’s house, who had a bunch of young puppies himself, but he was unable to part with the pup and decided to bring him home.

Part of taking care of the dog included a trip to a nearby veterinarian clinic, Ernesto’s Sanctuary, to make sure everything was alright with Bobe. “Today #BoBe and I went to the clinic for the vaccine and the treatment was very happy,” Alhor tweeted on Wednesday, alongside a few photos from the visit.

In order to help pay for Bobe’s care, Alhor is accepting donations, which can be made to Ernesto’s Sanctuary.

“I need some support in order to secure food and a new doghouse for him,” Alhor told CNN. “He will have a good life and we will settle down, me and him.”

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Bobe is the second dog to capture the public’s heart in the aftermath of the military raid.

While addressing the nation last week, President Donald Trump revealed that a K-9 unit had been part of the operation, and that one of the brave dogs had been injured.

“A beautiful dog, a talented dog, was injured and brought back,” Trump said, crediting the canine’s bravery for ensuring that not a single American solider was injured in the dangerous and top-secret mission.

According to Trump’s remarks, the dog had been sent into a dead-end tunnel to chase down and corner al-Baghdadi, who operatives believed was wearing a suicide vest. Their intel was correct: a cornered al-Baghdadi detonated his vest, killing himself and three of his children.

On Monday, Trump posted a photo of the special operations dog, tweeting, “We have declassified a picture of the wonderful dog (name not declassified) that did such a GREAT JOB in capturing and killing the Leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi!”

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, told reporters at a subsequent Pentagon briefing that the dog was “slightly wounded and fully recovering,” according to ABC, CBS, and The Washington Post.

Although officials initially would not disclose the name of the dog, Trump went on to reveal that its name is Conan — and that he would be visiting the White House “sometime next week.”